I’m excited to say that this year I get to host a student teacher in my classroom and as I have prepared to work with her over the summer I have spent some time reflecting upon the things that I want to do better in my classroom.

One of the many things that I would like to improve about my own practice of teaching is the habit of posting my objectives well…. I already have the habit of posting my activities and songs so that I can keep track of my lessons while I am setting up for the next class, but I can do better about being transparent and sharing my thinking about WHY I we are doing a particular song or activity.

I also want to do a better job of helping my students ground their learning so that they improve in their recall of what they learned.

There are LOTS of steps that help improve the outcome of those goals, but truly in many cases, the one way that I can ensure that I develop a good habit is by making it EASY!  The easier the better, even if that means that initially there is more work involved.

With that in mind I have created “I can” statements using the updated music TEKS.  I tried to use a plain, clear font that would be easy to read.  I also wanted the cards to be a reasonable size, understanding that if I am going to get in the habit of using them, I have to make them a size that is small enough that I can post multiple grade levels on the board while still listing activities.

If this will be useful to you, feel free to download HERE!  

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