Children’s Books in the Music Classroom

Book TitleContributor 1PublisherISBNBook TypeBook SubjectBook Description
He's Got the Whole World in His HandsNelson, KadirDial Books for Young Readers0-8037-2850-6Single Song Titleearth, conservation, theology, religious, spiritualThis is a multicultural retelling of several verses in "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands.
Ten in the BedOrmerod, JanDK Publishing Inc0-7894-7864-1Fictional Narrativecounting, bedtime, family, childhood, animals, stuffed animalsAs her parents take care of the baby, Ameila acts out each activity from feeding to bathing, with one of her ten toys until only one is left in bed
If You're Happy and You Know it!Ormerod, JanStar Bright Books1-932065-10-5Fictional Narrativebody, animals, feelings, emotionsThis song is a new version of the song "If You're Happy and You Know It"
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?Trapani, IzaWhispering Coyote Press1-58089-005-9Single Song Titledog, puppy, travel, world, cultureA dog gets lost and travels far from home. Each stanza in the song brings new adventure. Finally, the dog makes it back home.
I'm a Little TeapotTrapani, IzaWhispering Coyote Press1-58089-010-5Single Song Titleaction, pretend, travel, traditions, world, culture, geographyThe teapot in the story goes on a journey around the world and finally comes home. Each stage of the journey is a verse in the song.
Sing a Song of SixpenceAdams, PamChild's Play International0-85953-627-0Single Song Titlebird, royalty, servantsThe book tells the story of some birds who are baked in a pie.
This Old ManAdams, PamChild's Play International0-85953-026-4Single Song Titleactions, counting, repetition, rhymingA retelling of the folk song "This Old Man".
This is the House That Jack BuiltAdams, PamChild's Play International0-85953-075-2Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyme, chant, build, cumulativeThis verse tells the story of Jack and the house that he built.
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A FlyAdams, PamChild's Play International0-859953-018-3Single Song Titleanimals, tall tails, exaggeration, cumulativeThis book is a retelling of the song "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly". There are cut outs in the page that allow students to see what will come next.
Old Macdonald Had a FarmAdams, PamChild's Play International0-85953-053-1Single Song Titlefarm, animals, farmers, rural, animals sounds, vocal explorationThe book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song "Old Macdonald Had a Farm"
Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarKubler, AnnieChild's Play International0-85953-941-5Single Song Titlestars, animals, environments, habitatsTwinkle, Twinkle Little Star, is told through several poetic verses about stars. Each verse has a new illustration in which animals from around the world are depicted in a unique habitat.
Here We Go Round the Mulberry BushKubler, AnnieChild's Play International978-085953-885-5Single Song Titleaction song, habits, routines, mimic, repetition, groomingThe children in this book are engaging in every day activities such as brushing teeth and eating. The reader is invited to sing about each activity along with the text in the book.
Drummer HoffEmberley, BarbaraSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers0-671-66248-1Rhyming Text / Poetryrepetition, chant, cumulative, militaryThis cumulative chant describes a group of solders who work together to build and fire a cannon.
SwimmyLionni, LeoAlfred, A. Knopf0-394-91713-8Fictional Narrativeocean, fish, collaboration, fear, food chain, swimming, movement, travelingA little fish named Swimmy is a little different than his friends. After exploring his environment, he convinces his friends to work together.
Water DanceLocker, ThomasHarcourt Brace & Company0-15-201284-2Rhyming Text / Poetrywater, dance, water cycle, science, nature, physical propertiesPoetic descriptions of water in all of its forms
Silent Night, Holy Night: The Story behind our favorite Christmas CarolStrasser, MyrnaZonderkidz0-310-70672-6Fictional Narrativecarol, Christmas, family, traditions, faith, spiritual, ChristianThe tale of how the song Silent Night was composed is told through a fictional narrative about a family celebrating Christmas
The Aunts go MarchingManning, Maurie J.Boyds Mills Press1-59078-026-4Single Song Titlemarch, multiplication, percussion instruments, homonymsThis book is based on the children's song, "The Ants Go Marching". Instead, of ants, there are aunts marching. The aunts are led by a little girl playing a drum.
Jingle BellsTrapani, IzaCharlesbridge1-58089-095-4Single Song Titlewinter, Christmas, traditions, world cultures, holidays, geography, travel, multi-culturalThe song Jingle Bells is used as the form for descriptive verses about various Christmas traditions around the world.
Feliz NavidadFeliciano, JoseScholastic Cartwheel Books0-439-31717-6Single Song TitleChristmas, New YearThis book is an illustrated representation of the beloved Christmas song, Feliz Navidad
The Old Chisholm Trail, A Cowboy SongSchanzer, RosalynNational Geographic Society0-7922-7559-4Single Song TitleAmerican west, cowboys, Lomax, ranching, cattle, agricultureThis is an illustrated setting of the folk song "Old Chisolm Trail"
Home on the RangeAjhar, BrianDial Books for Young Readers0-8037-2918-9Single Song TitleAmerican west, rural, urban, nature, environment, animals, cowboysThis is an illustrated retelling of the song Home on the Range. A little boy who lives in the city has a dream about the open plains. In his dream he makes friends with a cow.
She'll Be Coming 'Round the MountainEmmett, JonathanAtheneum Books for Young Readers978-4169-3652-7Single Song TitleAmerican west, action song, repetition, onamonapia, rhyming, cumulativeThis is an illustrated retelling of the folk song, She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain. Some of the verses are original and composed for the book.
She'll be comin' 'round the mountainSturges, PhilemonLittle, Brown0-316-82256-6Single Song TitleAmerican Southwest, animals, repetition, habitat, adaptations, synonymsThis book is a retelling of the familiar folk song "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes. book is set in the Southwest and the characters are various animals indigenous to the region. The text is not as repetitive as the folk song, instead, synonyms and alternate phrases are used in the lyrics while rhyming and lyric phrases are maintained.
Hush Little BabyFrazee, MarlaVoyager Books0-15-204761-1Single Song Titlelullaby, bedtime, familyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Hush Little Baby". A young sister is dismayed by her baby siblings crying. She convinces her father to purchase items from a peddler, all in an effort to get her younger sibling to be quiet. Finally, the baby is hushed.
All Things Bright and BeautifulAlexander, Cecil FrancesCheshire Studio978-0-7358-20456Single Song Titlecreation, Christianity, spirituality, nature, earth, plants and animalsThis book is a setting of the hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful.
Hush Little BabyBrandenburg, AlikaSimon & Schuster0-671-66299-6Single Song Titlelullaby, bedtime, familyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song, "Hush Little Baby". A baby boy is being rocked by his mother. The following illustrations show papa bringing his baby boy various gifts. The book ends with baby boy being rocked by his mother.
Down By the BayRaffiCrown Publishers Inc.0-517-56642-1Single Song TitleRaffi, silly songs, rhyming, animals, nonsenseThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song by Raffi, "Down By the Bay"
Waltzing MatildaMacpherson, ChristinaAngus & Robertson0-207-17098-3Single Song TitleAustralia, balladThis book is an illustrated retelling of the ballad "Waltzing Matilda". The original poem was written by Paterson, but was turned into what is known as a "bush ballad" by McPherson in 1903
It's Raining, It's PouringEagle, KinWhispering Coyote Press1-879085-71-2Single Song Titlerain, rhyming, accidentsThis book is an extended retelling of the folk song "It's Raining, It's Pouring". The author and illustrator extend the scope of the song to include several additional verses, all with minor accidents befalling the unlucky old man and his wife.
All God's Critters Got a Place in the ChoirStaines, BillDalton Children's Books0-14-054838-6Single Song Titleanimals, multiculturalism, spiritualism, Christianity, Judaism, differences, acceptanceThis song is an illustrated retelling of the song "All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir
Simple GiftsRaschka, ChrisHenry Holt and Company0-8050-6817-1Single Song Titlesimplicity, shakers, AmericanaThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song, Simple Gifts.
The Twelve Days of ChristmasBrett, JanPaperstar Book0-698-11569-4Single Song TitleChristmas, holidays, cumulative, alliteration, mixed meterThis book is a traditional retelling of the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
The Fox Went Out on a Chilly NightSpier, PeterDragonfly Books978-0-440-40829-1Single Song Titlerural, food chain, ballad, personificationThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song "The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night".
Good King WenceslasManson, ChristopherNorth-South Paperbacks0-7358-1200-4Single Song TitleSt. Stephen's Day, carol, ballad, moralThis book is as an lustrated retelling of the carol, "Good King Wenceslas"
Oh, A-Hunting We Will GoLangstaff, JohnAladdin Paperbacks978-689-71503-7Single Song Titleanimals, foxes, rhyming, singing gameThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Oh, A-hunting We Will Go"
The Seals on the BusHort, LennyHenry Holt Company978-0-8050-5952-6Fictional Narrativebus, animals, onamonapia, repetitionThe unfortunate passengers on the bus must share their ride with a variety of animals
America the BeautifulBates, Katherine LeeSimon & Schuster978-0-689-31861-0Single Song Titlepatriotic, poetry, imagery, natural wonders, nature,This book is an illustrated retelling of the patriotic song, America the Beautiful
America the BeautifulBates, Katherine LeeFox Music Books1-894997-10-7Single Song Titlepatriotic, Americana, folk artThis book is a retelling of the poem "America the Beautiful".
Shoo FlyTrapani, IzaScholastic0-439-28371-XSingle Song Titlepests, flies,This book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the song, "Shoo Fly". A young mouse is bothered by a fly and tries valiantly to escape. Finally, he goes to bed exhausted.
The Itsy Bitsy SpiderTrapani, IzaCharlesbridge978-1-879085-69-5Single Song Titlespiders, persistenceThis book is a retelling an extension of the song, "Eency Weency Spider". In addition to climbing up a water spout, the spider climbs other things to the delight of a little girl.
Mary Had a Little LambTrapani, IzaScholastic0-439-11350-4Single Song Titlerural, lambs, friendship, tough daysThis book is a retelling and extension of the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb". The lamb in the story is having a very rough day, but Mary is there to help him out.
Baa Baa Black SheepTrapani, IzaWhispering Coyote Book1-58089-071-7Single Song Titlesheep, gifts, sharing, friendsThis book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the song "Baa Baa Black Sheep". The sheep generously gives to her friends who need to learn thankfulness and sharing.
Froggie Went A-Courtin'Trapani, IzaCharlesbridge978-58089-029-8Single Song Titlecourting, animals, predictions, personificationThis book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the song "Froggie Went A-Courting". In this version of the song tale, a frog proposes to first a mouse and then several other animals. Each animal refuses to marry him. Finally, a frog sees him and proposes to him. He and his lady frog get married and all of the other animals are bridesmaids.
The Farmer in the DellPlume, IlseDavid R. Godine1-56792-270-8Single Song Titlerural, farming, sequenceThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "The Farmer in the Dell".
Row Row Row Your BoatTrapani, IzaScholastic0-439-19896-8Single Song Titleboats, water, adventure, animals, familyThis book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the song "Row Row Row Your Boat". The author extends the tale by adding verses that narrate a family adventure on the river. Each verse is sung to the original tune.
Twinkle Twinkle Little StarTrapani, IzaWhispering Coyote1-879085-70-4Single Song Titlestars, space, dreams, nighttime, bedtime, science, imaginationThis book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". A little girl is star gazing. As she gets ready for sleep, a little star appears on her window sill and invites her to go with him on an adventure. The subsequent verses tell of their adventurous flight. Finally, she wakes up to find that it was only a beautiful dream.
Here We Go Round the Mulberry BushTrapani, IzaCharlesbridge978-1-57091-699-1Single Song Titlegardening, animals, food sources, herbivore, vegetables, ruralThis book is a retelling and extension of the song Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. A gardener is hard at work, but the animals are drawn to her garden by all of the yummy vegetables. She tries different ways to keep them away, but in the end, she shares the fruits of her labor.
Hey, Diddle DiddleEagle, KinWhispering Coyote1-58089-007-5Single Song Titlenursery rhymes, animalsThis book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle
Mail Myself to YouGuthrie, WoodyGood Year Books0-673-36196-9Single Song Titlemail, reading, independent readerThis reader is intended for use with individual students who are learning to read. The text is simple and repetitive and is based on the first verse of the song by Wood Guthrie, "Mail Myself To You"
Over in the MeadowBeall, Pamela Conn & Nipp, Susan HagenPrice/Stern/Sloan0-8431-1949-7Single Song Titleanimals, habitat, environment, readers theaterThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song Over in the Meadow. The text includes icons to help young readers tell the story together.
The Amazing Impossible Erie CanalHarness, CherylAladdin Paperbacks0-02-742641-6Non-FictionErie Canal, engineering, land forms, history, social studies,The book serves as an historical account of the development and construction of the Erie Canal.
Frog Went A-Courtin'Langstaff, JohnHarcourt Brace0-15-230214-XSingle Song Titlefrogs, animals, courting, ballads, tales, personificationThis book is an illustrated retelling of one version of the folk song "Frog Went a Courtin'". In this version, Frog and Mouse wish to marry. This story tells of their wedding plans which are ultimately ruined by a hungry cat.
On Top of SpaghettiGlazer, TomGood Year Books0-673-36238-8Single Song Titlesilly songs, spaghetti, parodyThis book is based on a song, "On Top of Spaghetti" which is a parody of the folk song "On Top of Old Smokey".
A, You're AdorableKaye, Buddy, Wise, Fred, Lippman, SidneyCandlewick Press1-56402-566-7Single Song Titlelove, popular, novelty songThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "A You're Adorable".
Winter WonderlandRogers, JacquelineScholastic0-590-46657-7Single Song Titlewinter, snow, animals, personification, love songs, miceThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Winter Wonderland".
Go Tell Aunt RhodyBrandenburg, AlikiSimon & Schuster0-689-80765-1Single Song Titledeath, life cycle, rural, farmThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song "Go Tell Aunt Rhody". The song is a ballad, but the illustrator chose to end the song lyrics several pages before the book finishes. The rest of the story is told with only illustrations.
Old MacDonald Had a FarmBerry, HollyNorth-South Books1-55858-703-9Single Song Titlerural, farm, onamonapia, animals, farmer, work, musical instrumentsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song, "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". In the book, the farmer gives the animals on his farm various musical instruments. Once all of the animals have an instrument, they play for the farmer while he dances.
Skip to My LouHoberman, Mary AnnLittle, Brown0-316-73406-3Single Song Titleanimals, rural, farm, responsibilityThis is a modified retelling of the folk song, "Skip to My Lou". While the song "Skip to My Lou is included, the text chosen by the author for the majority of the book is not repetitive like the folk song. Nevertheless, the text fit the melody and tell a story of animals the house of the farmer while he and his wife are gone. Then before he returns, they clean everything up and scamper away.
A Hunting We Will Go!Kellogg, StevenHarper Collins Publishers0-06-443747-7Single Song Titlebedtime, foxes, rhyming words, routines, imaginationThis book is an illustrated extension of the song "A Hunting We Will Go" as illustrated by Steven Kellogg. The song is a part of the book, but the primary focus of the book is the narrative text exploring bedtime routines. The author/illustrator uses speech bubbles extensively as well as additive text to expand on the song form and create a narrative. While it is possible to sing parts of this book it is not really intended as a representation of the song. Rather the song is incorporated into the narrative.
Over in the MeadowEvans, MichaelChild's Play International0-85953-949-0Single Song Titlenature, habitats, animals, counting, attributesThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Over in the Meadow". The song is poetic, but very wordy with little repetition o text.
Five Little DucksIves, PennyChild's Play International0-85953-935-0Single Song Titleducks, subtraction, habitats, animalsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Five Little Ducks". The song and accompanying book illustrate subtraction.
Down by the StationStockham, JessChild's Play International0-85953-942-3Single Song Titletrains, transportation, shipping, construction, onamonapia, repetitionThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Down By the Station". Each verse is dedicated to a form of transportation, shipping or construction vehicle. Each vehicle is described and then all of the sounds that were made by the preceding vehicles is repeated.
CumbayahCooper, FloydMorrow Junior Books0-688-13543-9Single Song Titlesocial justice, humanity, emotions, needs, politics, spiritualism, Christianity, multiculturalismThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Kumbaya". In this interpretation of the song, each verse is illustrated in a way that depicts the human condition in a way that is compelling. Joy and pain are portrayed in a manner that each reader will find relatable.
HappyWilliams, PharrellG.P. Putnam's Sons978-0-399-17643-2Single Song Titlehappiness, popular songs, joyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the popular song, "Happy".
Cows in the KitchenCrebbin, JuneCandlewick Press0-7636-0645-6Rhyming Text / Poetryfarm, rural, animals, rhymingThis book is a rhyming book that happens to have the same rhythm as Skip to My Lou. The animals invade the farmer's house while he is asleep, make a mess and then sneak out. This book is also a good example of dynamics.
Yankee DoodleHoberman, Mary AnnLittle, Brown0-316-14551-3Single Song Titleanimals, tall talesThis book is an illustrated retelling and extension of the folk song Yankee Doodle. Yankee Doodle meets various characters who decide to work together to host a macaroni café. This is not a patriotic retelling, but rather a silly tale.
Take Me Out to the BallgameNorworth, JackSimon & Schuster0-689-82433-5Single Song Titlebaseball, triple meterThis book includes an illustrated retelling of the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" along with historical information about the composition of the song and the development of the game of baseball.
Knick Knack Paddy WhackEngel, ChristineBarefoot Books978-84686-144-4Single Song Titlerhyming songs, instruments, action songsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "This Old Man". This version of the book includes a CD with a recorded version of the book.
Give The Dog a BoneKellogg, StevenSeaStar Books1-58717-001-9Single Song Titleaction songs, dogsThis book is a retelling and extension of the song "This Old Man". Every verse has a new old man. Throughout the story, dogs beg each man for a bone. Finally on the last page, the dogs get their wish.
The Derby RamFeierabend, John M.GIA978-1-57999-783-0Single Song Titlesong stories, tall tales, exaggerationThis book is an illustrated retelling and adaptation of the folk song Derby Ram. There are many versions of the folk song and this book represents one of them.
Chairs to MendMelton, Sue McCallumthe P3 Press978-1-933651-46-0Fictional Narrativefolk song,This book is a fictional account that describes how a child may have experienced songs like "Chairs to Mend". The book includes a CD containing a word for word read aloud of the book along with several repetitions of the folk song.
There Was a Man and He Was MadFeierabend, John M.GIA978-1-57999-681-9Single Song Titlesong stories, tall talesThis song is a retelling and extension of the folk song, "There Was a Man and He Was Mad".
The Hokey PokeyHamanaka, SheilaSimon & Schuster0689-80519-5Single Song Titleaction songsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "The Hokey Pokey".
My DollyGuthrie, WoodyCandlewick Press0-7636-0770-3Single Song Titledollies, special friends, dressing, clothes, appearanceThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "My Dolly" by Woody Guthrie. The book illustrates the play children engage in when given a dolly. The lyrics describe dressing and caring for the dolly.
Bling BlangGuthrie, WoodyCandlewick Press0-7636-0769-XSingle Song Titlework, tools, steady beat, familyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Bling Blang" by Woody Guthrie. The text is very rich, poetic and descriptive. The melody is a little unusual which adds interest. The family works together to provide for the baby using tools.
Howdi DoGuthrie, WoodyCandlewick Press0-7636-0768-1Single Song Titlegreetings, community, friendliness, family, society, social interactionsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Howdi Do" by Woody Guthrie. People are depicted greeting one another. The lyrics of the song describe the way it feels to say hello and to engage with other people in a positive manner.
Risseldy, RosseldyFeierabend, John M.GIA Publications978-57999-902-5Single Song Titlesong tales, folk songsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song Risseldy, Rosseldy. The story is told from a parallel perspective of humans and mice.
This Little Light of MineLewis, E.B.Simon & Schuster978-0-689-83179-9Single Song Titlespirituals, helping, friendship, service, kindness, joyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "This Little Light of Mine". The boy in the story goes out of his way to be kind to a new schoolmate and to be helpful to an elderly woman. Throughout the day, he shows his character by letting his "light shine". Although some might consider this song to be a religious song, but this illustration is not at all religious.
Pete the Cat, I Love My White ShoesLitwin, EricHarper Collins978-0-06-190622-0Single Song Titlecolors, flexibility, perseverancePete the Cat has white shoes. He steps in puddles and fruit. Each time, his shoes change colors. Pete keeps singing and grooving along.
Pete the Cat, Rocking in My School ShoesLitwin, EricHarper Collins978-0-06-191024-1Single Song TitleschoolPete the Cat goes to school in his awesome school shoes. He visits all the areas of the school and doesn't worry about a thing.
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy ButtonsLitwin, EricHarper Collins978-0-06-211058-9Single Song Titleclothes, counting, subtractionPete the Cat counts his buttons as he loses each one.
John Denver's Take Me Home, Country RoadsCanyon, ChristopherDawn Publications1-58469-072-0Single Song Titlehome, family, travel, reunionsThis book is an illustrated telling of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver.
John Denver's Grandma's Feather BedCanyon, ChristopherDawn Publications978-1-58469-095-5Single Song Titlefamily, grandmother, cousins, aunts, uncles, memoriesThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, Grandma's Feather Bed.
John Denver's Sunshine On My ShoulderCanyon, ChristopherDawn Publication1-58469-048-8Single Song Titlesunshine, nature, simplicity, loveThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Sunshine On My Shoulders"
Fiddle-I-FeeHillenbrand, WillGulliver Books0-15-201945-6Single Song Titlebarnyard, animals, repetition, ruralThis book is an illustrated retelling of the folk song, Barnyard Song or Fiddle-I-Fee. The text of the book is changed to be more grammatically correct, but otherwise the book follows the folk song well.
America the BeautifulMinor, WendellG.P. Putnam's Sons0-399-23885-9Single Song Titlepatriotic, poetry, imagery, natural wonders, nature, national treasuresThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "America the Beautiful".
Not Last Night But the Night BeforeMcNaughton, ColinCandlewick Press978-0-7636-4420-8Rhyming Text / Poetrypast events, surprises, birthdays, nursery rhymes, fairy talesThe book is an illustrated retelling and reimagining of the rhyme "Not Last Night But the Night Before".
The Bear, An American Folk SongSpengler, Kenneth JMondo Publishing1-59034-190-2Single Song Titlecamp songs, echo, call and response, bears, nature, tall tales, story tellingThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "The Bear"
The Wheels on the School BusMoore, Mary-AliceHarper Children's978-0-06-059427-5Single Song TitleschoolThis book is an illustrated interpretation of the song, The Wheels On the Bus. In this retelling, each verse includes a different type of teacher students might encounter throughout their day.
I Got Two DogsLithgow, JohnSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers978-1-4169*5881-9Single Song Titledogs, pets, companionsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "I Got Two Dogs" by John Lithgow
Marsupial SueLithgow, JohnSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers0-689-84394-1Single Song Titlemarsupials, adaptations, attributes, self imageThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, Marsupial Sue" by John Lithgow. Marsupial Sue is unhappy as she is, so she tries to act like others instead of herself. She finds in the end that she is happiest as herself.
I'm a ManateeLithgow, JohnSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers0-689-85427-7Single Song Titlesea life, manatee, dreams, imagination, rhymingThis song is an illustrated retelling of the song, "I'm a Manatee". A boy dreams that he is a manatee.
I Am a PromiseGaither, GloriaZonderkidz0-310-70075-2Single Song TitleindividualityThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "I am a Promise". Although the text is based on the song lyrics, the book functions more as a narrative.
We're Going on a Bear HuntRosen, MichaelMargaret K. McElderry Books0-689-50476-4Rhyming Text / Poetryadventure, bear hunt, nature, familyThis book is a retelling and adaptation of the familiar, repetitive chant, "Going on a Bear Hunt".
Sing, Sing a SongRaposo, JoeHenry Holt and Company978-0-8050-9071-0Single Song Titlesinging, music, singing togetherThis book is an illustrated extension of "Sing, Sing a Song" written for Sesame Street and covered by the Carpenters. Before the song begins there is an illustrated narrative of a lonely bird who eventually finds friends through singing.
Grateful, A Song of Giving ThanksBucchino, JohnHarper Collins Publishers978-0-06-051633-8Single Song Titlethanksgiving, gratefulnessThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Grateful". The book includes a recording by Art Garfunklel
Santa Claus is Comin' to TownKellogg, StevenHarper Collins Publishers0-688-14938-3Single Song TitleChristmas, Santa, toysThis book is an illustrated adaptation of the song "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
The Twelve Days of ChristmasDaily, DonCourage Books0-7624-0764-6Single Song TitleChristmas, holidays, cumulative, alliterationThis book is a traditional retelling of the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The book is oversized and therefore very easy to see.
A-Tisket, A-TasketFitzgerald, EllaPhilomel Books0-399-23206-0Single Song Titleloss, conflict, jazzThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "A-Tisket, A Tasket" by Ella Fitzgerald.
It's a Small WorldSherman, Richard M.Disney Press978-142314689-6Single Song Titlemulticulturalism, world cultures, acceptanceThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "A Small World".
Ms. MacDonald Has a ClassOrmerod, JanClarion Books0-395-77611-2Single Song Titleschool, music, drama, performance, audience behaviorThis book depicts a kindergarten class who prepares and performs a play for their families. The narrative is set to the tune, Old MacDonald
Sweet DreamsJewelSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers978-1-4424-8931-8Single Song TitlelullabyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "Sweet Dreams" by Jewel.
I Love You! A Bushel & A PeckLoesser, FrankHarper Collins Publisher0-06-028549-4Single Song TitleloveThe book is an illustrated retelling of the song, A Bushel and a Peck
Over the RainbowArlen, Harold & Harburg, E. Y.Charlesbridge Publishing Inc.978-1-936140-00-8Single Song Titledreams, hopes, wishes, fantasyThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Over the Rainbow"
Jingle Bells: How the Holiday Classic Came to BeHarris, JohnPeach Tree Publishers978-56145-590-4Fictional NarrativeChristmas, family, songs, memoriesThis book is a fictionalized account of how the song "Jingle Bells" came to be written. The author used facts to create a believable tale about how it might have happened. The end of the book includes historical information about the song and the composer.
The Bear Went Over the MountainTrapani, IzaSky Pony Press978-1-61608-510-0Single Song Titlebears, nature, descriptive languageThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". A beat has a series of adventures that do not always end well. He finally makes it back to his den in time to sleep.
The Orchestra PitWright, JohannaRoaring Book Press978-1-59643-769-2Fictional Narrativeorchestra, zoo animalsA snake from the zoo falls into the orchestra pit and discovers various instruments of the orchestra before returning to his snake pit.
Around the Neighborhood: A Counting LullabyThomson, Sarah L.Amazon Publishing978-0-7614-6164-7Single Song Titleneighborhoods, lullabies, babies, animalsThis book is an illustrated adaptation of the folk song "Over in the Meadow". The story is located in an ordinary neighborhood where mothers and babies might regularly take a walk.
City Street BeatViau, NancyAlbert Whitman & Company978-0-8075-1164-0Rhyming Text / Poetrycity, metropolitan, beat, music, onamonapiaThis is a rhyming book about life in the city.
Five Little DucksFleming, DeniseBeach Lane Books978-1-4814-2422-6Rhyming Text / PoetrynatureThis book is similar to the folk song, but different in a variety of ways. The papa duck is watching the ducklings. Each time a duckling wanders away, there is a new animal.
The Little Drummer BoyKeats, Ezra JackViking0-670-89226-2Single Song TitleChristmas, drumsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "The Little Drummer Boy".
Row Row Row Your BoatCabrera, JanHoliday House978-0-8234-3050-5Single Song Titleboats, water, animalsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Row Row Row Your Boat". Each verse introduces a new exotic animal.
Juba This Juba ThatHelaine, BeckerTundra Books978-0-88776-975-7Rhyming Text / Poetryjuba, drums, dance, rhymeThis book is an illustrated version of the African American clapping, dancing chant. The verses in the book are different than those in the traditional rhyme.
BirdsongsFranco, BetsyMargaret K. McElderry Books978-0-689-87777-3Rhyming Text / Poetrycounting, birds, bird song, descending numbers, onamonapiaVarious birds call through the day, each page includes a rhyme featuring the call of a specific species of bird. The mockingbird copies the call of all the other books.
Tap Tap Bang BangGarcia, EmmaBoxer Books1-907152-00-9Rhyming Text / Poetryconstruction, tools, work, build, onamonapia, rhymeThis book explores various tools that might be used in building something. Each book makes a unique sound. By the end of the book, the tools have each been used to create a go-cart.
Shout, Shout It OutFleming, DeniseHenry Holt & Company9781429917360Rhyming Text / Poetrynumbers, letters, easy wordsThis book includes some rhyming sections and provides an opportunity for young children to share what they know by shouting it out.
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!Beaumont, KarenHarcourt Books0-15-202488-3Single Song Titlesilly songs, body, paint, mom, disobedienceThis book is an adaptation of the children's song Ain't Gonna Rain No More. A little boy paints all the wrong things while his mom becomes increasingly frustrated. Each time he gets caught, he sings, Ain't Gonna Paint No More.
Hip CatLondon, JonathanChronicle Books0-8118-0315-5Rhyming Text / Poetryjazz, rhyming words, improvisation, careers in musicIn this rhyming narrative, a literal cat is "Hip Cat" who learns how to play the saxophone. He practices, plays in clubs, faces hard times and eventually becomes a well respected "Hep Cat" with skills.
M is for Melody, A Musical AlphabetWargin, Kathy-JoThomson Gale1-58536-215-8Rhyming Text / Poetryalphabet, musicEach letter of the alphabet is given a musical term. The musical term is then illustrated and includes a poetic verse. Along the margins of each page additional non-fiction information is included that further explains the terms.
M is for MusicKrull, KathleeenHarcourt0-15-201438-1Rhyming Text / Poetrymusic, musicians, musical instruments, alphabetThis book is an alphabet book that uses various music styles, musicians and instruments to provide an example of the first letter of each word.
Blues JourneyMyers, Walter DeanHoliday House0-8234-1613-5AnthologybluesThis is a beautiful book filled with blues verse. However, some of the content is too mature for elementary school children.
Bring on the BeatIsadora, RachelG.P. Putnam's Sons0-399-23232-XRhyming Text / Poetryjazz, beatThis is a poetic or rhyming text about the beat brought to use by jazz. The author invites young people to recall the roots of today's music by looking back at the jazz classics such as Duke Elllington.
This Jazz ManEhrhardt, KarenHarcourt978-0-15-205307-9Rhyming Text / Poetryjazz, jazz musiciansThis book is a reinterpretation of the song, This Old Man. Each old man in this book is intended to represent a jazz great. The book rhymes and includes scat text as well as biographical information in the back of each of the musicians.
The Song Shoots Out of My MouthAdoff, JaimeDutton Children's Books0-525-46949-4Anthologymusic, musiciansThis is an anthology of poems about being a musician. In the back of the book a list of musical terms is included as well as a list of suggested listening for each poem.
Twist With a Burger, Jitter With a BugLowery, LindaHoughton Mifflin Company0-395-67022-5Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyming, danceThis book is about dance. The rhyming patterns on each page are similar in structure
The Jazzy AlphabetShahan, SherryPhilomel0-399-23453-5Rhyming Text / Poetryjazz, alphabet, alliterationThis is a rhyming alphabet book filled with scat-like language with alliteration.
Eight Silly MonkeysHaskamp, StevePiggy Toes Press1-58117-229-XRhyming Text / Poetrychant, rhyme, counting, subtractionThis is an illustrated reimaging of the chant "Five Little Monkeys". In this book, each time a monkey falls off the bed, the other monkeys find a new way to move.
The Pout-Pout FishDiesen DeborahFarrar Straus Giroux978-0-374-36096-2Rhyming Text / PoetryemotionsThe pout-pout fish is sad. Nothing his friends say seems to help. Finally, a friend gives him a kiss. He turns into a kiss-kiss fish.
Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!Marsalis, WyntonCandlewick Press978-0-7636-3991-4Rhyming Text / Poetryenvironmental soundsThis book describes a diversity of sounds a child might encounter.
Drum CityGuidone, TheaTricycle Press978-1-58246-348-3Rhyming Text / Poetrydrums, urban life, found soundsthisi is a poetic rhyming text that describes children drumming through a city.
Who Took the Cookies from the Cooke Jar?Lass. BonnieLittle Brown and Company0-316-82016-4Single Song Titlesinging games, animalsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar".
Boom Chicka RockArchambault, JohnPhilomel0-399-23587-6Rhyming Text / Poetrycounting, clocks, rhyming textThis rhyming text depicts a group of hungry mice who attempt to get past a sleeping cat in search of food. Each mouse is numbered and associated with a the kitchen clock
Tap the Magic TreeMatheson, ChristieGreenwillow Books978-0-06-227445-8Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyming, seasonsThis book describes the seasonal cycle of a tree. The text includes verbs that can be used to describe ways that children might play an instrument.
Chicky Chicky Chook ChookMacLennan, CathyBoxer Books978-1-905417-40-7Rhyming Text / Poetry
Twisted SistahsMoulton, Mark KimballRiverton Press0-8249-8676-8Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyming, halloweenThis book is the rhyming tale of the guliah sisters who according to the tale were responsible for the first Halloween.
The Night Before ChristmasMoore, Clement C.Backpack Books0-7607-4695-8Rhyming Text / PoetryChristmas, rhyming texts, legendsThis is the traditional poem about Santa Claus
Jump, Frog, Jump!Kalan, RobertGreenwillow Book978-0-688-09241-2Rhyming Text / Poetryfrogs, food chain, prepositions, cummulative rhyme.This book depicts a frog who is always escaping from his preditors. The text is cummulative and prepositions are used heavily.
In the Tall, Tall GrassFleming, DeniseSquare Fish978-0-8050-3941-2Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyming, habitats, animalsThis book describes the behaviors of various small animals and insects that might live amongst tall, tall grass.
Train SongSiebert, DianeHarper Collins Publishers978-0-06-443340-2Rhyming Text / Poetrytrains, rhymingThis book describes the job and journey of a train using poetic text.
Zin! Zin! Zin! A ViolinMoss, LloydAladdin Paperbacks978-0-689-83524-7Rhyming Text / Poetrymusical instruments, ensembles, numbersThis book presents the instruments of the orchestra and ensemble vocabulary through a rhyme.
One Woolly WombatTrinca, RodKane/Miller Book Publishers0-916291-10-3Rhyming Text / Poetrycounting, AustrailiaThis is a simple rhyming, counting that uses personification and Austrailian wildlife to keep the book interesting
Alphabet of DanceSchwaeber, Barbie HeitSoundprints978-1-60727-111-6Rhyming Text / Poetrydance, alphabetThis book provides a basic rhyming description of a variety of dance styles and types.
Shake dem Halloween BonesNikola-Lisa, W.Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Company978-0-618-07034-3Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyming, fairy tales, HalloweenThis rhyming text has a repeated refrain. Each verse introduces a nursery rhyme or fairy tale character.
'Twas the Night Before ThanksgivingPilkey, DavScholastic978-0-439-66937-5Rhyming Text / PoetryRhyming, ThanksgivingThis book is rhyming Thanksgiving structured to mimic the form of "The Night Before Christmas".
Over the River and Through the WoodsGurney, John StevenCartwheel Books0-590-45258-4Single Song Titlewinter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, family, grandparentsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Over the River and Through the Woods". The song depicts a family who is traveling to grandmother's house for a holiday.
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of AnythingWilliams, LindaHarper Collins Publishers0-06-443183-5Rhyming Text / Poetryrhyming, predictions, HalloweenThis rhyming text tells of a woman who is traveling through the woods. Along the way she encounters several items of clothing that follow her all the way home. At the end of the book, students are invited to make a prediction.
Silly SallyWood, AudreyHarcourt0-15-274428-2Rhyming Text / PoetryRhymingIn this book Silly Sally, who does everything walking backwards upside down encounters several characters on her journey into town.
Jump!Fischer, Scott, M.Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers978-1-4169-7884-8Rhyming Text / Poetryrepetition, food chainThis rhyming text depicts animals that are ever increasing in size who jump when they spot a preditor.
Miss Mary MackHoberman, Mary AnnLittle, Brown0-316-07614-7Single Song Titlehand clapping, rhymingThis is an illustrated retelling of the hand clapping song game, "Miss Mary Mack".
The Wide-Mouthed Frog, A Pop-Up BookFaulkner, KeithDial Books for Young Readers978-0-8037-1875-3Fictional Narrativefrogs, food chain, preditorsThe wide-mouth frog introduces himself to several animals and engages them in conversation about what they eat until he introduces himself to an alligator who eats wide-mouthed frogs. He hops away with a big splash.
Nina's WaltzDemas, CorinneOrchard Books0-531-33281-0Fictional Narrativeplaying violin, family, performingThis book tells of a young girl who plays her fiddle for the first time in public.
The Bat Boy & His ViolinCurtis, GavinSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers0-689-80099-1Fictional Narrativeviolins, segregation, baseballSet in the years after Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play major league baseball, this book tells of the Dukes, a negro league baseball team with a poor record. The son of the maneger is a violinist who also serves as the bat boy for the team. Rather than taking care of equipment, he plays his violin for the team who advances farther than expected.
David Gets in TroubleShannon, DavidThe Blue Sky Press0-439-05022-7Fictional Narrativechildhood, obedience, consequencesDavid gets in Trouble is a repetative book depicting a boy who regularly finds himself in situations in which he is guilty of naughty behavior. He eventually learns to say, "I'm sorry".
ElmerMcKee, DavidMcGraw-Hill0-688-09171-7Fictional NarrativeindividualityElmer is a patchwork elephant who is known for his humor. Even so, he wants to be like all the other elephants. He desguises himself, only to discover that the he should always just be himself because the other elephants love him just the way he is.
Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to ListenBinkow, HowardThunderbolt Publishing978-0-9715390-1-3Fictional NarrativelisteningThis book depcits a young student who gets into trouble at school when he does not listen. As the narrative progresses, things do not improve for Howard until he reflects upon his day and starts the next day with listening. He is successful.
Berlioz the BearBrett, JanG. P. Putman's Sons0-399-22248-0Fictional Narrativefriends, helpingA small band of musicians is journeying toward a ball where they will accompany the dancing. Their waggon gets stuck. Their friends come to offer help, but nothing works until a bee comes along and stings the mule giving him the incentive he needs to pull the wagon out of the ditch.
Hurricane MusicBottner, BarbaraG.P. Putman0-399-22544-7Fictional Narrativeinstruments, musiciansIn this book a lady teaches herself how to play the clarinet by listening to the world around her. A hurrricane sweeps her clarinet away and she is sad. Eventually the clarinet is returned
When Uncle Too the FiddleGray, Libba MooreOrchard Books0-531-30137-0Fictional Narrativemusic, danceEveryone is weary until uncle takes out his fiddle. The family and eventually the neighbors join in, creating music together.
Violet's MusicJohnson, AngelaDial Books for Young Readers0-8037-2740-2Fictional Narrativemusic, musiciansViolet loves music, but it takes time to find other people who love music as much as she does.
And Here's to You!Elliott, DavidCandlewick Press0-7636-1427-0Rhyming Text / Poetrylove, acceptanceThis book is a celebration of life in all of it's forms. It is a rhyming text where the author describes all the things that he loves and why.
Giraffes Can't DanceAndreae, GilesOrchard Books1-86039-918-5Fictional Narrativedance, personal acceptanceGerald has a unique way of dancing that was at first dismissed by the other animals. He finally accepts his unique abilities and faces the other animals who had once been cruel.
The Gingerbread ManSchmidt, KarenScholastic0-590-41056-3Fictional Narrativefolk tales,This book is the classic tale of the gingerbread man
Daddy Played Music for the CowsWeidt, MaryannLothrop, Lee & Shepard Books0-688-10057-0Fictional Narrativeagriculture, musicThis book tells of a girl who grew up on a dairy farm where her father played the radio for the cows.
Tallulah's NutcrackerSinger, MarilynClarion Books978-0-547-84557-9Fictional Narrativeperforming, dancingThis book tells of Tallulah who has the opportunity to play a mouse in the Nutcracker. She works hard but on opening night, she falls while on stage and is embarrased. The other members of the troupe comfort her after the performance by telling of their dancing mishaps. She learns that sometimes mistakes happen during performances.
The NutcrackerHoffmann, ETAPiggy Toes Press978-161524368-6Fictional NarrativeNutcracker, fairy tales, Christmas, holidaysThis is an illustrated version of the Nutcracker. The text and illustrations combined create only a fair representation of the tale. Of the three versions in this collection to date, the other two are better choices. However, this version is adequate if no other is available.
The NutcrackerJeffers, SusanHarper Collins Publishers978-0-06-074386-4Fictional NarrativeNutcracker, fairy tales, Christmas, holidaysThis is an illustrated version of the Nutcracker that is both interesting to view but not too long or complicated.
FirebirdCopeland, MistyG.P. Putnam's Sons978-0-399-16615-0Rhyming Text / PoetryFirebird, ballet, mentorshipThis book is a rhyming text about the journey from student ballerina to prima ballerina. While this text is no more than minimally associated with the Firebird by Aaron Copland, it still may serve as an excellent lyrical text for composition.
When Louis Armstrong Taught Me to ScatWeinstein, Muriel HarrisChronicle Books978-0-8118-5131-2Fictional Narrativejazz, scat singing, Louis ArmstrongIn this tale, a little girl learns scat singing from listening to Louis Armstrong on the Radio
The Low-Down Laundry Line BluesMillen, C.M.Houghton Mifflin Company0-395-87497-1Fictional Narrativeblues, laundry, jazz, improvisationWhile this book does not include a recording, the text is written in blues form, meaning that it is a good text for students to use when playing 12-bar blues. The text is especially nice because it is about doing an unwanted chore like hanging the laundry.
BirdsHenkes, KevinGreenwillow Books978-0-06-136304-7Fictional Narrativebirds, nature, imaginationThis book uses minimal language and powerful illustrations to engage the creativity of children. Beginning with simple observations about birds, the author helps us see what is only imagined through carefully worded statements that invite children to recall the world around them.
The CheesePalatini, MargieKatherine Tegen Books978-0-06-052631-3Fictional Narrativefarming, cheese, family,This book is an illustrated narrative version of the song "The Farmer in the Dell" told in reverse from the perspective of the rat.
Sixteen CowsWheeler, LisaHarcourt Inc.0-15-202676-2Fictional Narrativeranching, rural, music composition, dances, loveTwo herds of cows get mixed up as their owners try to get their songs straight. In the end, they decide to expand the ranch by getting hitched.
Hello World! Greetings in 42 Languages Around the GlobeStojic, ManyaScholastic0-439-36202-4Fictional Narrativegreetings, hello, languages, culturesThis text consists of various ways to say hello in different languages. The greetings are sorted by region or similar language families.
Good King WenceslasSeymour, JaneShadow Mountain, Mormon Tabernacle Choir978-1-60907-143-1Fictional NarrativeChristmas, Saint Stephen's Day, Carols, charityThis book tells the story of Good King Wenceslas in narrative form while incorporating the lyrics of the carol into the tale.
Harold finds a VoiceDicmas, CourtneyChild's Play International978-1-84643-550-8Fictional Narrativevocal exploration, individuality, mimicryThis book is about a parrot named Harold who has not yet found his voice. Harold goes on an adventure and discovers the beauty and uniqueness of his own voice.
Marsupial Sue Presents the Runaway PancakeLithgow, JohnSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers978-0-689-87847-3Fictional Narrativetheater, plays, costumes, oral traditions,This book is a reimagining of the story, "The Gingerbread Man" as a runaway pancake. Marsupial Sue and her friends, each an animal native to Australia, present the story as a play complete with a set and costumes. The recording features John Lithgow as narrator.
The Nutcracker, A Young Reader's Edition of the Holiday ClassicDaily, DonRunning Press1-56138-764-9Fictional NarrativeNutcracker, fairy tales, Christmas, holidaysThis book is a large illustrated version of the tale by E.T.A. Hoffman. The story is divided into chapters.
Hey, Little AntHoose, PhillipTricycle Press978-1-883672-54-6Single Song Title point of view, personal perspective, morality, compassionThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Hey, Little Ant" . A boy decides to squish an ant with his shoe, but the ant asked him to reconsider. The subsequent lyrics in the book construct an illustrated conversation between the ant and the boy. The last verse asks the reader to decide without giving an indication of what happened to the ant and the boy.
You're A Grand Old FlagCohan, George M.Walker & Company978-0-8027-9576-2Single Song TitleUnited States, flag, patriotism, show tunes, George M. CohanThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "You're A Grand Old Flag". It is straight forward in that it contains only one verse and the text is large.
Did You Hear Wind Sing Your Name? An Oneida Song of SpringDe Coteau Orie, SandraWalker & Company0-8027-7485-7Single Song Titlenature, first peoples, Native Americans,This book is a retelling of a song of spring of the Oneida people. The book introduction provides the meaning and symbolism used in the book's text and illustrations
There Was a TreeIsadora, RachelIsadora, Rachel978-0-399-25741Single Song Titlecumulative, nature, Africa, habitats, relationships, hierarchiesThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "There Was a Tree". The illustrator has incorporated rebuses into the text to support early reading development.
Clap Your HandsCauley, Lorinda BryanG. P. Putnam's Sons0-399-22118-2Rhyming Text / Poetryaction song, movementThis book is listed as a song, but there is not melody indicated in the book itself. This book is reminiscent of several different action songs.
She'll Be Coming Around the MountainOwen, AnnPicture Window Books1-4048-0153-7Single Song Titleaction songs, family, reunions,This book is an illustrated retelling of the song. "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
To Market, To MarketMiranda, AnneHarcourt Brace & Company0-15-200035-6Rhyming Text / Poetrynursery rhyme, animals, groceries, shopping, marketan elderly shopper goes to market to buy ingredients for lunch. The animals she purchases have other plans and make a mess of her kitchen. The story is told using the nursery rhyme, To Market To Market
Rain!Ashman, LindaHoughton Mifflin Books for Children978-0-547-73395-1Fictional Narrativerain, attitudea child and an old man have different attitudes toward the rain. One has a positive attitude and the other has a negative audience.
Honey…Honey…Lion! A Story from AfricaBrett, JanBrett, Jan0-399-24463-8Fictional Narrativefolk tale, fables, Africa, nature, symbiosis, sequence, sharing, onamonapiaThis African fable tells the tale of a Badger who learns how to share the hard way. Although not a rhyming book, the story is structured similarly to the rhyme "Going on a Bear Hunt".
Bringing the Rain To Kapiti PlainAardema, VernaDial Books for Young Readers0-8037-0809-2Rhyming Text / Poetrytall tales, rhymes, cumulative talesThis tale originated from a Nandi village in Africa. An anthropologist named Sir Claud Hollis learned the language and the tale from children in the village. The tale reminded him of the rhyme, "This is the House that Jack Built.". The author of this book adapted the tale to fit the form of "This is the House that Jack Built".
Barnyard SongGreene, Rhonda GowlerAtheneum Books for Young Readers0-689-80758-9Rhyming Text / Poetryrural, farming, farmer, farm animals, onamonapia,The animals on the farm make sounds that create a song until they catch a cold. The farmer takes care of his sick animals until they recover. The book is a rhyming book with a repeated refrain.
Froggie Went A-CourtingPriceman, MarjorieLittle Brown0-316-71227-2Single Song Titlefolk song, animals, folk tales, New York City, courting, weddings,This is an illustrated adaptation of the folk song, "Froggie Went a Courting". This version is set in New York City. As in some other versions of the song, there is a cat who crashes the party. In this version, the cat eats the disapproving aunt.
Clickety ClackSpence, RobViking0-670-87946-0Rhyming Text / Poetrytrains, travel, animals, forward, backwards, loud, quiet, cumulative, onamonapiaThis rhyming book tells of various groups who ride the train. As the passengers embark, the train gets louder. The conductor threatens to go backwards, so the passengers get quiet. The book includes a repeated refrain of clickety clack.
That Dancin' DollyMerz, Jennifer JDutton Children's Books0-525-47214-2Single Song Titleplay, dollsThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song "That Dancin' Dolly" which is a child-friendly adaptation of the folk song often known as "Buffalo Gals". The book and associated song contain verses that describe a girl dancing with her doll.
Puff the Magic DragonYarrow, PeterSterling978-14027-4782-3Single Song Titlefantasy, dragons, childhood, imagination, changeThis book is an illustrated retelling of the song, "Puff the Magic Dragon" as sung by Peter, Paul and Mary.
Down By the StationHillenbrand, WillScholastic0-439-21625-7Single Song Titlezoo animals, children, trainsThis book is an illustrated reimagining of the song Down By the Station. In this book the train picks up animals and takes them to the zoo where they meet children. The animals and children play together on a playground.
A Porcupine Named FluffyLester, HelenHoughton Miflin978-0-395-52018-5Fictional NarrativeindividualityThis books is recommended in published works as a play along.