Ordinarily I try to share any videos that I might use in my classroom on Wednesdays, but since it’s summer I’m going to share with you some videos that we should watch in order to lift our spirits, renew our minds and challenge our thinking.  As a result, the videos that I’m sharing today are just a taste of a film that I think is a must see for everyone, but especially for any music teachers who need to be reminded of our purpose.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t pay attention to what I’ hearing.  Contrary to the fact that I am a music teacher who is supposed to know all about the music we hear, I hardly ever know who sang this or that, I don’t pay attention to titles and other than the fact that I enjoyed every minute of music history, I sometimes find it shocking that I got a good grade in it because I don’t pay attention to musical details much to my shame!  However, since seeing this documentary a couple of years ago I have become a huge fan and follower of Barbara Smith Conrad and even though I don’t consider myself an opera lover, I could listen to her sing all day long!

What has me hooked to her music and her inspiring voice is her incredible story of strength, determination, and forgiveness.  I love her music and her voice because of the light of Jesus that I can see and hear shining through her when she sings.  I’m sure that when you watch this amazing story you will be struck by her poise and graciousness.  Would that all accomplished musicians could find the balance that Barbara Smith Conrad embodies in her properly proud humility. She has a gift, she shares it without reservation or hesitation, and she comports herself with dignity under fire.  If we could somehow teach that to our talented students or bottle it and sell it, then we would really be onto something as music educators.

Now that I’m so excited about sharing this video with you, I’m going to go see if I can find it on Netflix because I’m ready to watch it right now!!!!!


***** UPDATE*****
I did a little research and you can purchase the movie through Amazon.com for a reasonable price or you can rent or buy it through iTunes.  This movie doesn’t seem to be available through Netflix at this time.  I could “save” it, but I couldn’t request it as a DVD or view it online so perhaps its checked out or maybe it only has limited availability. You may also find the movie available through PBS since it is an Independent Lens documentary. 

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