Teaching With Love and Logic by Jim Fay and David Funk

I read a whole lot, and most of what I read is for fun.
I’d much rather go to lectures and seminars and take notes than actually read a professional book, but SOMETIMES the professional book is so indispensable that I really just need to read the book.   THIS is one of those books.

When I do read professional books, I also like to read books that are beyond music instruction.  You never know when inspiration will strike.

The big irony about my choice of THIS book is that I have heard more than one Love and Logic trainer say that when it comes to teaching music, art, PE, or doing anything else at school that keeps you from having your own set of 25 students all day long, that there are big chunks of this book that simply can’t be applied.

I will say that it is a little more complicated and If you are a “specials” teacher I would recommend reading this book with your team and when you get to the parts that seem totally impossible to implement, then see if you can come up with something that will approximate the idea AND also work for your team.

This is a great book if it does nothing more than inform HOW you speak to students.  I would like to suggest that MUCH of the problems I have created in my classroom happened not when a student misbehaved, but rather when I didn’t have a response ready that effectively redirected, or diffused the situation.   In any case, it is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.

Here is just a TINY TINY taste of the book!