OK, so i find this title little ironic since I’m left handed.  However, I want ya’ll to know that I really love this app.  The best part is that I got it as sort of a joke because I thought it would be fun to make funny sounds with it….. But now I find that it is the app that I use almost daily.

Last summer I got my very first iphone.  I have always had an “un”smart phone before, so to say that I took a technological leap in my personal phone capabilities is an understatement.  I really don’t know how I functioned as an adult without an iphone.

One reason why I got an iphone is that I knew that my school is always looking for new ways for students to use technology in the classroom and I was pretty much entirely unfamiliar with apps….
So I got an iphone and started exploring.

I think that this might have been the first app I actually paid for.  Now I know that you can do all sorts of goofy things with the effects to change what you record…. BUT, here is what this program does that makes is useful to me virtually every day.

1. It records with pretty good sound quality.  I’m certain that if I attached some real microphones to my iphone I could get a cleaner sound, but for on the fly, in the moment recording, it’s amazing!

2.  The saving process is EASY!  The sharing process is EASY! No fuss

3. The files are easily retrievable and can be played back.

4. AND THE BEST part is that when you send the file to yourself on email….. The file is saved as .WAV which means that I can actually DO something with it without any problems.

As a .WAV file, my scratch songs can go directly into audacity where I can edit further or do nothing.

The difference between using this app and other digital recorders that I use in class is that I almost always have my phone somewhere on my person.  I can also send whatever I record to myself without having to plug my phone into my computer first, so it’s quicker.