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Now that it’s summer

Don’t forget to invest in your voice by allowing yourself the time you need for restorative vocal rest.  Enjoy some silence.  If you have to talk, try to save most of your talking in quiet places away from loud ambient noise.

Don’t forget to get healthy with lots of water and plenty of excercise.  Nothing helps singing more than a healthy body supported by lots of water.

Don’t forget that the food and drinks we consume greatly affect our voices and can be controlled by better choices.

Don’t forget to get your allergies tested. It’s amazing how much a little rag weed can affect how we do our job.

Don’t forget to find a good ENT.  In the elementary music classroom our voices are our primary instrument and therefore an essential part of a job well done.  Keeping tabs on how your voice is holding up over time can help prevent injury and can provide an avenue for ongoing care throughout your career.

Don’t forget to think of ways to provide sound support for yourself in your classroom and other loud environments.  There are lots of great devices, microphones and amplifiers that can be used every day in our classrooms and while we are at bus duty that can keep our voices from over reaching and becoming strident.

This microphone is my favorite one to use in class.  I plug it into a little $50.00 amp that I found at RadioShack.  I like it because I don’t have to wear the reciever on my clothes, because the entire piece is heavy duty and designed to be worn by areobics instructors.  I don’t know about you, but it is ususally during the times when I am facilitating movement and dancing that I often need the most support from a microphone.  This one is awesome and well worth the investment!