This is where we keep our “work in progress”.
When  we are finished, these folders help me keep the papers organized until I can return them.
The instructions are right on the folder, so I can get them back in a timely manner.
Inside each bin is an inclined file organizer.  I got mine at King Dollar here in Houston!
The best Dollar store EVER!
Now all the work is neat, organized and easy to retrieve…..
but WAIT!  I can’t see the class name!  OOPS!   After using these all  this fall,
I have found that I NEED to be able to see the teachers name!
See what I mean?  I can’t see the teachers names!
Next year  – Maybe even tomorrow, I’m going to label the envelopes right  along the top edge!
These 9×12 envelopes hold about 2 assignments which helps me remember to return papers,
but you may want a large size
Always a work in progress!  – hope you find this helpful!
In 4th and 5th grade my students have folders.  I use these folders for keeping track of recorder money and t-shirt money and permission slips and contracts and stuff and sometimes papers if we ran out of time to get out folders.  It’s a great place to keep things until they can be placed in student folders.