Music Rules

This year I tried something I've never done before!!!! I've seen other folks create rules that align with rhythms which is super cool.... but I wanted to have rhythm rules that fit with the acronym M.U.S.I.C.  SOOOOO To make these I used digital chalkboard paper from...

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First Year Teacher SOS – EMERGENCY Teaching Tricks

When I started to write this blog post I began by writing some of the real-life scenarios for which I have had to employ emergency activities. Ideally, some extensions should be included in every lesson plan, so that before you begin you know what should happen next. ...

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Questions for FIRST YEAR MUSIC TEACHERS to ask if you DON’T have a Music Budget!

Music teachers typically fall into two categories; those with school money and those without. You might not yet know what your situation will be, BUT if your school has some money set aside for your use, GREAT! You can read more about what questions to ask about your...

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