At the heart of my journey into blogging has been an internal focus on the use of children’s books in the music classroom. Even when I took a break from blogging to earn my masters degree, an enduring focus of my study was the use of children’s books in the music room.  To that end, I have developed a way to classify and vet books commonly used in music instruction.  If you are interested in a fully academic explanation of the work I have done you may visit 

However, one of my goals upon completion of my masters degree was to incorporate the work into the blog.   

Today that process begins with this post announcing a new and developing page within melodysoup.  Periodically, I will update this page with new books and new ways to sort the books so that music teachers can find the right resources when they are looking for them. 

For now, here is the first step. Here is my working list of books, where to find them, including a brief description.  Children’s Books in the Music Classroom.