Nashville TN – Galax VA

Day 5 – Today I am pleased to say that I am STILL thrilled with my decision to drive for this trip rather than fly to the conferences I will begin attending next week. As I drove from Nashville TN to Galax VA, I was blessed by the beauty around me.  In Knoxville, TN I got to stop long enough to have lunch with my friends Paul and Mary Magyar.  Then it was time to get back on the road as I had an additional 3.5 hours to travel today.  For much of the drive today I got to drive in rain of varying degrees.  As a result, when I was within an hour of Galax, up in the mountains I got to see what is meant by the term Smokey Mountains.  The rain causes what appears to be very low clouds or plumes of smoke to rise up out of the mountains.  It is breathtaking!


Galax VA is known as the “Old Time Music Capitol of the World”. The Rex Theater is part of the Crooked Road which is part of the American Music Heritage Trail. The trail head for both the trail in Virginia and in North Carolina is located at the Blue Ridge Music Center just 8 miles from where I am right now.  Along the respective trails, folks are invited to performances of various types of traditional American music of which “old time” is one.

Because I was driving all day, I didn’t take many pictures, but at one rest stop, I found a concise explanation of the musical heritage trails.


The BEST part was the music on the RADIO!


I got to my little cabin at almost 8:00 p.m. EST, so as you can imagine I was TIRED, but not to tired to take a picture of my cabin, make a sandwich and sit outside to enjoy the beautiful music of nature!

If it were possible to do so, I would enable you to feel the soft, rain refreshed air that accompanies the wind in the trees, bird song and busy stream in the video I took from my back porch this evening.