yellow barred eighth notes

I’m learning how to create different graphics using PowerPoint.  I found a pretty border on sale at Joanne’s and I liked it because it could be easily transferred into a music bulletin board without too much fuss.  This border can be purchased HERE.  At first I tried cutting out cute faces by hand and adding stems, bars and flags, but I soon realized that I could get better color intensity and a more “on purpose” look if I took a little time with PowerPoint.  Using only shape tools I was able to create each of these and then save them as a picture.  As soon as I finish building my bulletin board, I’ll include picture.  I just wanted you to be able to have these files as soon as possible.

buy border
Green whole note with headphones

You can either save these pictures directly from my site, or download them. Links are below each picture.   if you choose to use them in any publications or on your blog, please be sure and give credit to 🙂  Thanks!

HERE is a set of posters you can print out to put on your favorite bulletin board!  



green whole note


purple whole note
Turquoise quarter note
hot pink eighth note