So you’ve figured out the parts of the planner that you want to use.  You’ve downloaded everything and only printed what you need… but now there are more decisions…

Binding v.s. hole punching

  1. I LOVE notebooks!  but  having relied on notebooks all these years I’ve had one too many binders bust open when they are knocked to the floor.
  2.  My planners are most likely to bust open when a student backs into my music stand and knocks it over… It doesn’t happen very often unless my binder is on the music stand ready to bust open and then it happens all the time.
  3. HOWEVER, if you have an uncertain schedule, or if you anticipate a change then a notebook with hole punched pages is your very best friend.

Covers, Lamination, Tabs and Dividers

1.  I’ve included cover pages in my planner.  Last  year I just printed them on plain paper, but this year I’ve decided to print them on card stock.  I have too many sections to use the tabs offered in the print options, and I’m rather fond of the post it tabs so I’m going to use those rather than get them printed.

2.  After using the planner for a year, I also recommend getting your covers thickly laminated.  Thick enough seems to be 10 mm… I had the left, top and bottom trimmed so that the page could fit into the binding and then I CAREFULLY trimmed the corners so that they were rounded rather than sharp.   I left the laminated edge on the right side so that I can add my tabs later.

3.  I have pictures of family on my cover and like to personalize it, but if you are stretched for time and want something easy, feel free to use this cover.

To download this planner cover

Click HERE