When I printed chapter 2 for myself, I included rubrics created by my district that I want to keep close at hand.  I also print enough seating charts so that each class has a page.  In the first edition of the planner that I used this year I had included a lesson tracker and checklists in this chapter, based on the way I used the planner I made some adjustments.    If you like the other version better, you can find it HERE !

After a year of happy use, I found that I needed my calender and lesson plans handy for lesson tracking, so I’m moved a version of the lesson tracker to a later chapter.  Meanwhile, I found that my seating chart page is the part of the planner that I use constantly.  I need a checklist right there without having to turn pages AND I need some space to write.  I also took the time to have this printed in color this year so that I wouldn’t have to go back with markers and trace the sections before adding students.

CHAPTER 2 – Seating Charts, Checklists, Rubrics 

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Advise about printing:

The PDF files that are linked here include pages as I have them set up for my own planner.  Your needs may be different than mine so feel free to print more or less of any given page. You will notice that each page is either left or right of center.  This is to allow for binding or hole punching.

For best results try to arrange your planner so that when your book is open an even numbered page is on the left and an odd numbered page is on the right.  

Please remember that all parts of this planner are intended as a gift to busy music teachers who spend hours of their own time and regularly contribute their own money to the cause of making their music classrooms a haven of learning through music.  If you choose to use any part of this planner please do not sell it.  If you choose to share any part of this planner with others, please share the link to the blog rather than downloading and then mass producing planners for others.

If you find any part of the planner useful or if you have a request or suggestion please leave a comment below.