Thanks for stopping by!  Here is your chance to download a seating chart, a lesson tracker and a checklists that I created to use this year.  In order to use space wisely, I’ve also been able to sneak in some rubric templates, so the rubrics you create will always be nearby when you are ready for assessment.


When I printed my planner at OfficeMax, I included some of the following features:
  • a clear plastic cover, a vinyl back cover and a black spiral.
  • a title page printed on glossy card stock with family photos
  • quick reference card printed on the back of the title page card stock, everything else has been printed front & back is on medium weight paper in order to reduce bleed through.
  • I was able to print it from a jump drive at Office Max.  In 20 minutes and for about $30 I had the perfect planner for me.
 to download the second section of the planner – click on the link below!!!!
    • seating charts – keep track of behaviors or special needs
    • lesson trackers – a place to keep track of what a particular class has learned
    • checklists – keep them right behind each seating chart and use them for assessment or keep them in their own section and keep track of returned items.
    • rubric- keep a rubric at hand for all of those skills you teach
Please visit PART 1 to download contacts and call records

Recommendations for printing and using your planner:
1. All pages are intended to be viewed in a 2-page spread with a 1.25 center margin.  This is to allow for spiral binding or hole punching while leaving plenty room for writing.  You don’t have to change the margins for it to print correctly, but the center margin is the reason why the even numbered pages are slightly left and the odd numbered pages are slightly right…. it is not a mistake.
2.  When you open the this section 2 –  there will be a blank page, THIS page is not a part of the planner.   it is really only a place holder so that the page layout will work, so there is no need to print it.  The title page will be a separate download. You can either wait for my generic title page or you can create your own.  I can’t wait to look at my family photos every day!
3.  When printed, my planner was approximately 150 pages front and back because I know how many pages I need.  Only you know how many of each page you need, with that in mind, none of the pages in my PDFs will be duplicated.