It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks in my world and almost none of the busy has had anything to do with school….. 🙂  Be that as it may, my students and I have been steadily working on reviewing all of the things that we learned last year….. reviewing previously taught concepts, practicing rusty skills and basically preparing and gearing up to really dig into the curriculum for the grade levels that we are in now.  One thing that we are reviewing in 4th and 5th grade and introducing in 3rd grade is concept of meter.

I wanted to share something that I’ve created this year for use with my students that I’m certain you can use…….

METER / Rhythm cards

I recommend dividing these cards into different sets.

I currently have printed these cards into 2 different sets.  I have a set for 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 meter and a second more advanced set for 2/2 and 6/8……

So far because we are still reviewing we have only gotten out the basic set.

I also found that color coding the cards helps with organization.


Please feel free to download these cards for FREE!

Meter / Rhythm cards

Whole note cards The whole notes are on longer paper 11×17 paper